Department of Public Safety


Safewalk provides members of the Brown community with point-to-point walking escorts— and peace of mind.

What is Safewalk?

Safewalk was formed by DPS  in 1988 in response to women's safety concerns on campus. Over time, we adjusted our program to include students, staff, and faculty of all genders.  

Safewalk is a DPS program staffed by student employees who provide point-to-point walking escorts free of  charge) for their fellow community members. Each two-person team patrols the campus, along the Brown safeRID  shuttle route, acting as additional “eyes and ears” for community  safety. The teams can be identified by their distinctive Safewalk vests with reflective strips. Each  SW team is equipped with a two-way portable radio to communicate to DPS dispatch at any time. If you see a Safewalk team on campus, feel free to ask them to walk with you!

Who are Safewalkers?

Safewalkers are Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act. CSAs are required to report to the Department of Public Safety allegations of Clery Act crimes that the CSA receives. If a victim does not want the report to go any further than the CSA, the CSA is still required to submit the report for statistical purposes, but it can be submitted without identifying the victim. 

How do I get a Safewalk?

One of three ways

  1. Call us!  (401) 863-1079
  2. Reserve in advance by filling out this form
  3. Just ask one of our teams!

When are Safewalks Available?

Academic year: Sunday-Thursday 9pm-2:15am and Friday-Saturday 10:15pm- 2:15am

Outside our hours? Check out the Brown onCall Program or the Brown Evening Shuttle.  

We’d Love to Hear From You!

Map of Areas Served by Safewalk

Safewalk Boundaries Map

2024 Staff

  • Coordinators: Camille Aquino and Adelaide Poulson
  • Supervisors: Elizabeth Gallegos, Madigan King, Jonathan Leite, Lily Swaine-Moore, Lauren Muhs, Meszion Ramsden

For inquiries, email:  

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