Department of Public Safety

The MET High School

DPS has been partnering with The MET High School in Providence for ten years to provide hands-on experiences for students to learn about law enforcement.

Each Spring, the Department of Public Safety hosts students from The MET High School in Providence who are interested in careers or learning more about law enforcement. Students are able to meet with DPS personnel, including the Chief of Police, and learn about the different roles within the department. This program is hands-on in that students have the opportunity to experience a mock crime scene, collect evidence, and take fingerprints. Students also complete a project throughout their time and practice their public speaking skills by presenting their work to the department.

Typically, the students we receive are in their junior or senior year. For this reason, we take the time to ensure there are opportunities to explore Brown and college life as they prepare for their next steps. 

This fun and exciting opportunity allows officers to get to know local students who they may serve with in the future and build a connection with the community beyond Brown's campus.