Department of Public Safety

Car Care Check

DPS partners with AAA Northeast to assist students in traveling safely and conducts a car checkup right on campus.

The Department of Public Safety is proud to partner with AAA Northeast to offer students the opportunity to receive a checkup on their car with the convenience of being on campus. The purpose of the Car Care Check program is to educate and assist students in traveling safely. Services are offered free of charge. 

Due to the harsh temperatures of New England, it's always a good idea to keep your vehicle in good condition. It is especially important to check the condition of your vehicle before traveling for a long period of time, such as over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Check out AAA Northeast's car care tips to keeping your vehicle in top shape.


What does AAA check?

  • tire treads
  • tire pressure
  • lights
  • wipers
  • wiper fluid
  • battery condition

How do I sign up?

Announcements of the program will be placed in the Student Bulletin, our monthly newsletter, and/or on our events page. You will be able to request an appointment once an announcement has been made. Be sure to check your emails, as slots fill up quickly and are served in the order we receive them. Typically, we implement a waitlist and you will be contacted should a slot open up.

AAA technician and student