Department of Public Safety

Move-In Safety Tips

Move-in day happens every year, and it is a special time for new students to get acquainted with the campus. Consider these tips to prevent theft and start the year off right.

Move-in day is coming!  Upon arriving to campus, please take into consideration the following tips to prevent the theft of your property:

  • Be sure to secure your vehicle between trips to your residence.
  • Never leave boxes or luggage unattended outside of your vehicle or your room. Appoint a relative or a friend to keep an eye on your things while you make a trip to the car or your room. Theft can occur within a matter of minutes!
  • Always lock your door when leaving and do not prop open your suite door. Never leave your room unsecured while unattended. If applicable, encourage your roommate to do the same. Making a plan to keep your valuables safe is a great way to build a rapport!
  • Consider leaving your most treasured items at home. Secure your must-have valuables such as jewelry, electronics, credit cards, etc. in a safe place in your room out of plain view. 
  • Secure your bicycle to a bike rack with a U-lock.  Avoid using cable locks as they can be easily cut within minutes. Register your bike and electronics with us! Check Today@Brown for our upcoming U-Lock or U-Lose free cable lock exchange events.
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